At the beginning of the year, the panic from the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak caused stores to sell out the very products recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Many desperate individuals installed popup TP Finder apps and plugins that contained tracking and malware. That is why we made a Safe Toilet Paper Finder Post.

During that time we provided the best info on where you can still find these products and supplies in stores near you, before resellers stockpiles and increased the prices.

Now we have updated our Supply Finder Tools for Toilet Paper, Sanitizer, Hand Soap, and Other Essential Items & Supplies that we can help you to get all the items you need.

Toilet paper is always the first product to go during these types of events. At best any outbreak, disaster, or other emergency is almost always a store guarantee this essential product will go out of stock.

These products are a necessity and for a business owner running out of TP could lead to a real embarrassing encounter with a customer stuck on the bowl. It’s hard to believe online stores and suppliers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart ran out of these essential items and supplies.

The link we have provided below uses a targeted Google Search to find a store with Toilet Paper that is still in stock near you. Please leave a comment below if it is helpful to you.

If you find a store or know of a location not found on Google with TP in stock please let us know in the comments below. 

Click here to search for Toilet Paper in stock near you.

Amazon is always restocking, wanna give Amazon another shot?

Click Here to check Amazon for Toilet Paper now.

For info on healthy diet choices and ways to avoid weight gain during this time, read Dr. Afzal article found here.

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