Even though most of the people are stuck at home, they will need to come out of the house someday. It will mostly be to fulfill requirements such as grocery shopping. CDC lists down shopping markets as a public setting. It refers to a place where maintaining social distance is difficult.

Going Shopping? Here’s Info On Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus At The Grocery Store.

  • Avoid going if you are old or with an illness

It is important that people who are old or ill avoid such a public setting. That is because such people already have a weak immune response. They are easy targets for coronavirus.

  • Minimize the trips

You must step out of the house for important needs only. It means that you can stock up for at least two weeks. It will reduce your chances of going out.

  • Wear Masks

Wearing a mask in a public setting is necessary. You can even wear a fabric mask if you do not have filter masks. However, filter masks are more reliable in comparison to fabric masks. Furthermore, try avoiding gloves. That is because gloves can contaminate the hands more. These gloves also give a false sense of security to the use.

General Tips To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus

The recent pandemic has left everyone in a state of panic. Coronavirus or COVID-19 is the buzz of the media everywhere. Covid-19 is a new strain of the virus that originated from China. It is responsible for producing acute respiratory syndrome. Every media source is informing us about the symptoms of the disease.

Moreover, people also must know how to prevent it. Especially as we reopen. However, rarely do people tell you about ways to protect yourself from coronavirus. Before we discuss how to protect yourself from Coronavirus when returning to work lets go over a list of general tips and preventive measures that you can take to protect yourself from coronavirus.

Only leave your home when it is necessary. No one around the world can stress enough that staying home means-staying safe. Avoid going out in public. This automatically reduces your chance of contracting COVID-19. The best way is to use e-commerce routes if possible.

  1. Build up your immunity for the virus. Eat well and sleep well. People overlook the fact that these two are the building blocks of immunity. People who ignore these two things can suffer from dire consequences.
  2. When coming home from a public setting, remove your shoes outside your homes. Upon entering, do not wish or greet anyone. Firstly, wash your hands and change your clothes. This way, you not only protect yourself but your family as well.
  3. All business owners should reduce the shift hours in their offices. They can also reduce working staff in the office. Promote habits of working from home. Safety checks must also be present at the entrance to the workplace. This ensures that the person is not hiding any symptoms.

Also see the Video Series with Info from Experts at the World Health Organization and the CDC found here.