Overeating, Stress Eating, Binge Eating, Just Plain Boredom Eating? Avoid weight gain during quarantine with these tips.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole world is going through lockdowns. Aim of these lockdowns is to stop the spread of the virus from one individual to another. During this time, people are staying in their homes, and most of the outdoor activities are restricted. It has become all to easy to gain unwanted weight during quarantine.

This situation is making people stay at home and do “stress eating.” According to an estimate, people might suffer from psychological problems after going through extensive lockdowns and social distancing.

Keep weight off:

To keep the weight off, you can benefit from a ketogenic diet. In fact, it just might be one of the best ways how to avoid weight gain during quarantine. A ketogenic diet has support from many pieces of research and evidence.

A ketogenic diet consists of:

  • High fat
  • Moderate protein
  • Low intake of carbohydrates.

There is strong evidence of a ketogenic diet to reduce body weight.

keep weight off Coronavirus diet keto avoid weight gain

Keto diet helps to burn additional calories and increases the protein intake. This keeps weight gain at bay while preserving muscle mass. This is a great way to avoid weight gain during quarantine as our body tends to convert proteins and fats into carbs for body fuels.

Limitation of carbs can limit most of the food options. This mechanism can reduce the intake of calories, which can be beneficial for fat loss. This can help to prevent overeating weight gain during experiencing quarantine boredom.

Keto diet acts as an appetite suppressant. It helps you to feel full. Appetite suppression can directly bring positive changes in the body’s hunger hormones like ghrelin and leptin.

A ketogenic diet can rapidly increase the fat burning process even during rest.

You can keep the extra fat and weight off by consuming a keto diet. The ketogenic diet can improve your insulin sensitivity, which can help in the improvement of metabolism and utilization.

Our body consists of extra fat reservoirs. Lipogenesis can convert the body sugars into fats and increase body weight. If you can cut down on your body fat, you can keep your weight in control.

Some best keto supplements are also available as:

  1. Keto boost Ketone Capsules These capsules consist of ketones, caffeine, and electrolytes, which can help to boost your body weight.
  2. Prime D+ – These supplements consist of quad electrolytes formula, which can maintain healthy body weight.
  3. Keto Chips – Keto chips are available in two flavors sweet BBQ and spicy nacho. You can lose weight while eating these crunchy keto chips.
  4. Real 30 – It is a 30 days weight loss program that consists of a variety of supplements, coaching, and daily guidance.

These supplements can be ordered from https://www.realketones.com/

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Ways to avoid weight gain:

It is inevitable for people to avoid eating while staying at home. During the times of coronavirus pandemic, everyone is stressing about this situation. Stress is an additional risk factor for obesity or weight gain. When a person is going through stress, he/she tries to engage in unhealthy activities as eating. If you want to avoid weight gain during these days, then you should engage yourself in healthy exercises.

Physical activities can help to:

  • Decrease the bodyweight
  • Keep the mind healthy and fresh
  • Improve mental and physical health

A few best exercise to avoid weight gain are:

Cycling – Cycling can help to improve overall endurance. Cycling is an aerobic exercise, which can do whole-body conditioning. Lungs conditioning and cardiopulmonary endurance are necessary for this period.

Man Cycling to avoid weight gain

Abs exercises – You should always try to prevent belly fat from accumulation. Lie flat on the ground and lift your upper body. Repeat the same technique for thirty repetitions. You can increase these repetitions and sets according to your body needs.

Planks – Planks are the toughest body exercises. Planks can strengthen whole body muscles. Therefore, you should try doing planks starting from a few seconds to even a minute.

Woman Planking to avoid weight gain

You can add more exercise techniques according to your choice. Some more ideas can be found here.

Burn fat fast:

If you want to burn your body fat, you should follow these techniques:

  1. Weight training:

Resistance exercises and weight training is a fast way to fat loss. It can help to lose calories, unlike aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are slow to lose fat.

  1. Distribute your meals:

Try to eat your meals in smaller quantities. Eat 5 to 6 meals each day. This technique will help to ensure appropriate blood supply and nutrients to your body muscles and burn the body fat.

Smaller meals can help to increase your resting metabolic rates. It can prevent you from getting into a complete starvation phase, which is unhealthy for the body.

  1. HIIT (High-Intensity Intervals):

This technique means to do high-intensity activities with brief periods of rest.

It can bring better results in relatively less time. The best exercise is jumping jacks or jump-rope. Start jumping the rope for 10 to 20 seconds and allow yourself to rest for half a minute while keeping a slower cadence.

HIIT For Fat Burning

We are resting in our homes during these days, therefore we must follow some health guidelines to keep ourselves healthy. Weight gain is a serious problem due to extensive eating. A ketogenic diet, exercise, and weight training can help to stay healthy and fit during this time.


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